MasterPrieto User Experience

Just like Arthur C. Clarke used to say "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Featured Work

Proudly worked with:

  • Usalab
  • ITAM
  • Universidad de Colima
  • AmexIHC

I'm Carlos Prieto

A freelance UI/UX developer who loves working with new ideas.

Too often, systems are designed with a focus on business goals, fancy features, and the technological capabilities of hardware or software tools. All of these approaches to system design omit the most important part of the process – the end user.

When I work, I use as many usability tools as possible, this to measure the interactive user experience associated with a user interface, such a website or software application. A user-friendly interface design is easy-to-learn, supports users’ tasks and goals efficiently and effectively, and is satisfying and engaging to use

Tools and apps I use:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • After Effects
  • InDesign

This is what I can do for you

Responsive Web Design

Resolution is my friend so I do design thinking in all the different possibilities.

Android App Design

Too many versions and I get comfortable with every single one of them.

iOS App Design

Metrics, standardization, compatibility and performance.

Desktop App Design

Sometimes you just want to release your product for desktop users..

Project Management

You have a team? Count me in. I work with agile and traditional development.

User Research

User research reveals users’ needs and encourage users to express their motivations and underlying concepts about the steps involved in task procedures.

UX Work

Wireframe Magic

Let me build the experience from scratch.

Everything starts with a good design, a great idea requires some time of thinking before being released. Give it a try¡¡

I work with wireframes from paper to digital. If we test the idea before coding, there is a better chance for us to catch what will not work and save us tons of money.


Education and Certifications

Some people say you need knowledge before wisdom,well, I guess I think the same.

Universidad de Colima

It took me 5 years to get a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, after that I wanted to learn about tech design, users and interfaces just to make my work better.

Software Engineer

Universidad de Colima

Universidad Tecnologica de la Mixteca

I wanted to be a good practitioner so I started this new adventure in one of the best programs in HCI. After 2 years I’m about to get a Master Degree in Interactive Media.

Master in Interactive Media(HCI)

Univerisdad Tecnologíca de la Mixteca


I do enjoy learning new things so I take as many courses as possible. The last course that I took about UX was User Experience and HCI by the University Of California.

User Experience 1

Online Course UCLA

Project Management

We can’t be a good team without a good leader. Learned all about software production, waterfall, SCRUM, LEAN, Prototyping, Extreme Programming and UCD in order to be able to work in any kind of environment.

Project Management

UCOL Lidership Program